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Im new to this site and was goofing around and seen Sierra Fest. I'm in the navy stationed in Fallon about 2 hours from Tahoe where exactly is this fest and exactly what does it consist of? i would like to get my XJ out and about I haven't yet been to Tahoe so help me out.


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You are pretty local to me (in Reno) and there are several of us Reno guys with XJs that wheel. I'm not sure how built your XJ is, or how much trail experience you have, but if possible I think it is always a good idea to get out and wheel some trails before you hit the Rubicon. Last thing you want is to get up there and find out that you are unprepared or that there is a problem with your XJ that you weren't aware of before.

Before this NAXJA event, we will be doing some runs up in the Sierras that are not quite as hard as the Rubicon, but I think it would be a good test for your XJ to do some trails with some rocks. Feel free to join us if you are interested and you can contact me via PM or email ( ) We'll be doing Deer Valley and Slick Rock in July which is up in the Sierras or we could also show you Moon Rocks which is a good place to test your rig on some rocks and can be as difficult or easy as you like it. Just let me know. :)