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So after searching for years I finally found a red 4 door xj in a 5spd with just over 105,000 miles! Had to fly to Sacramento to get it and couldn't be happier. (except that it's an SE with no cup holders). I had one in college and had to sell it to pay for tuition but I'm back in the game now!

This is my first jeep forum as I've simply been leeching on others' posts in the past.

I am getting the jeep ready for SOCAL fest in Big Bear in May and have a lot of questions I hope to get answered or at least addressed on this forum.
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I'm pretty much in the same boat. Been using the form for 2 months and decided yesterday I should probably join.


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Welcome! Stockers rock! I'm thinking about taking mine to BB this year.

BTW, early cup holders suck. You are almost better off w/o them.