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Ive seen many posts online about this. Some say it's fuse #6. Others say it's the rear wiper or defrost or even a bad tail light. I tried everything I found online and nothing got my recently dark dash to come back on.....until now. I have no doubt that all the things I found online are actual fixes, but apparently there's another scenario/combo that can happen. This is what happened to mine.

My dash lights started to flicker when I touched the fog light switch on the dash. It was obvious there was a bad connection Somewhere.

The dash lights went out after about a week of this.

I checked every fuse on the XJ.....every fuse. No problem found.

I bought a used switch panel with all 3 switches from a junk yard. Nothing.

I kept digging and tracing for wires and shorts but nothing. I redid everything I had already done and looked online again and again.

I found that the rear wiper switch that I bought at the junk yard felt a little funny. I never installed it permanently because I wasn't sure of the root issue yet and didn't want to have a bunch of mixed parts that made it hard to determine the original issue.

Here's What I eventually found to be the problem.

Original rear wiper switch had an issue but wipers still worked. I learned that all 3 switches are tied to dash lights.

When I changed to junk yard switch panel temporarily, the junk yard wiper switch blew my fuse #6 because it was a shot switch. How lucky can I be To have 2 bad switches.

I bought a 3rd junk yard switch and nothing worked but i again checked my 6 fuse and found it blown. Once I replaced it, bingo!

So, I had a short switch, then a bad switch that blew my fuse, and then finally with a good switch and new fuse I HAVE LIGHTS. First 2 switches were checked again and confirmed bad.

FYI. I found my license plate light not lit up at one point but I thumped it and it came on. Didn't impact dashe lights at all.