North Korea


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Sony makes a movie for $44M. Probably going to lose money at the box office.
Sony gets hacked, e-mails about problematic over paid actors released.
Sony pulls the film The Interviewer from circulation. Tries to get USA to purchase rights to film.
Loud uproar from stand up citizenry of the USA regarding Free Speech, artistic expression, etc.
FBI points to short pudgy despot with a bad haircut as the guilty one.
North Korea's internet (all 700 users on dial-up) have nine hour black out.
President Obama gets photo op.
Hacker group Anonymous states release the movie to the public or we will. ( did they get it?)
Sony agrees to limited release Christmas Morning.


Probably going to make more then $44M now. Please pass the Kool-Aid and follow the money.
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I have read some of the netadmin chat. Its honest incompetence. Really.

Having said that, I am 100% positive that somebody figured out they could make some lemonade


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All the InfoSec stuff you could do wrong Sony did wrong. Complete stupidity and ignorance on the part of Sony management

Get rid of all your information security staff? Check. Secure sensitive data improperly? Check. Not monitor what's going on across your networks? Check. Arrogance that nothing will ever happen to you? Check.

And now they want everyone to come to their aid.
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