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So I used to be over on a different forum, that I will not name here, run by useless whiny children. Anyways, looks like NAXJA has a larger Nor Cal community so I figured I would migrate over.

Names Adam, I have a 91 Cherokee Briarwood, 4.0L, AW4, NP242, D30/35
sitting at 5-6" in the rear, 3-4" in the front (haven't measured lately cause its still settling) on 245/75/16, need to space out the front to level it
It's a Zone 3" kit with AaL and front coils, added shackle relocation brackets and longer shackles, with skyjacker shocks.
I know AaL is not ideal but its what I could afford.

Looking for other Jeepers in Sacramento, and to see if there are any meets or weekly events.


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Eleven posts AND red letters. Very cool. Welcome and thanks for supporting!