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We will bring doing shirts and hoodies to be picked up at NWFest (or after if you don't make it.)

Same logo as last year with the 2016 date.

I will be posting more about it tonight hopefully and will unlock this thread.


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Standard Naxja logo on the front left
And a similar logo to the 2015 NWFest on the back

These can be paid for via PayPal, at NWFEST or COD if you are local (we will
Meet up )
Buy 3 get Free shipping if needed. (Must PayPal if you need shipping)

So if you post in this thread, post size color, short or long sleeve (for shirts) or hoodie.

we will get them printed and collect funds later (for non-shippers)

T-shirts Short and long sleeve

short sleeve members S-XL $10nonmembers $15
Short sleeve members XXL-5XL $12 nonmembers $17

Long sleeve members S-XL $13 non members $15
Long sleeve members XXL-5XL $15 nonmembers $17

Here is the link to the short sleeves

Here is the link to the long sleeve


Prices $22.00 per hoodie for NAXJA red letter members
XXL and up $25.00 each
And $27.00 for black letter members
XXL and up $30.00 each

Sizes available are youth S,M,L adult S,M,L,XL

Link to the hoodies


Order closes JUN 10th
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I would like three (3) shirts:
2-XL in colors Red and Black
1-M in color Pink (for the wife)
What's my total? How do I go about getting them shipped?

Won't be able to make it out to NWFest (military duty calls)

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I'd like Shirts!

Orange - M
Black - M
Black - XXL
Grey - XXL

Just bring em with and I'll give you cash up there?


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1- Gildan #2000, Olive, Large, SS T-Shirt
1- Hanes F170, Navy, XL, Hoodie
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