OFFICIAL BS THREAD(all others will be deleted)


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Oh geez

Does his gf still have a bigger xj than him?

edit: and i don't think it was us that showed him the door.....that came from higher up if i'm recalling correctly. Something about nationals not taking kindly to threats of legal action being thrown around. I could be totally making that up in my head but I think i'm right.


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I ended up getting rid of it, it would have cost more to fix the feed motor and replace the liner than the machine originally cost. probably come tax time I might buy a decent machine and get another 220V stuck closer to my garage door.


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I think its sitting higher with the correct length shocks up front.

Snagged a pic of this thing at the auto show too. I kinda like it.



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had some stock wheels laying around so I made a water hose hanger for outside my shop. Also made a bracket to mount a like rim inside for my air hose. Now thay are no longer in my way :)



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Went to the gym(MMA) today for the first time in about two months. Managed to miss the thai pads my partner was holding on my second kick and drove the top of my right foot straight into the point of his elbow at close to full power. I can barely walk. :dunce: It hasn't changed colors, but it's swollen and deformed looking. Definitely not looking forward to work tomorrow. :tears: