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News said nobody allowed in surf... not sure how they enforce that?
When I was in Florida, they had a red flag up, which apparently means that you can only get in the water up to your waist. So I am out swimming around and a lifeguard comes up to the edge on his four wheeler and says something about the beach being closed. I came back with some smart ass remark about not being able to close the beach and to come get me. I think I was about a 1/2 mile (twice as far as the pier was long) off the beach when he turned around and went back.


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I've heard that you can put *ahem* gummy bears in a regular gummy bear package and the flight screeners won't even bat an eyelash. You know, if you wanted to bring some of Colorado culture back with you.

That same guy also brought back tincture in a beard oil bottle but he had a pretty gnarly hipster beard too so it was pretty believable I suppose.


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Drove a trailhawk Cherokee a few months ago. All pimped out with all the fancy gadgets. Was comfy! The 9 speed was weird though. Id daily one.


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It is gutless, but we only got the 4 banger. Left the camp today, checked into a hotel outside Denver. Had to sign something saying, "we don't allow weed at our fine establishment" all I could think is you are a damn super 8
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