Official RockFest Picture Thread

sallys xj

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Not sure why im not there wheeling as im on leave till i go overseas... Great pictures though looking forward to wheeling with you again rick.


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that was a blast, thank you all very much for "dragging" me along, cant wait for tomarrow.
Special thx to the the photographer (srry sh!t w/ names) alot of nice shots there!!


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So updated photo bucket again. Night run on Smasher and Saturdays main event MED. group. I also wanted to point out we had 4 gopro cams going VIDs of the MED group will be posted soon. I have told eveyone in each group to post up pics when they all get home. So we will be posting pics from the HARD group. and easy runs.
HARD group had massive brakage today enjoy the pics when there posted.

Here are a few teasers from todays MED group last nights Night run and the updated link.

Enjoy all cant wait to see eveyones pics. There is my 500 lol 2012 Sedona/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24

sallys xj

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Great time, the night run was fun, but enjoyed it much better during the day. Sorry we couldnt stay for dinner. thanks for taking so many pictures


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Since Saturday's Brutal run was more wrenching than wheeling, I didn't get any pics. But here's what I got today of Broken Arrow:

Andrew's son is the white speck in the middle of the pic, he decided to do some climbing.

Great scenery!

Nice rigs!