PAC springs, 200 vs 250 spring rate


Debated putting this in mod tech, but since the product has "jeepspeed" in the title i figured put it here :)

Basically looking at the 2" PAC racing springs for my MJ. i noticed there are 2 different options, 200 and 250 lbs/in. see here:

My current setup is a SWB MJ, 10" bilstein 7100s up front, soft no name 2" lift springs, RE arms, RE double shear track bar and brace, out back is a custom SUA deaver pack (3" lift) and a RE shackle.

now what i would like to do for the front is tune the 7100s and install prothane coil inserts that i already have. for the back i have some 14" Fox 2.0s that i'd like to mount through the bed to finish it out. overall shooting for somewhere around 3" lift. PAC doesnt make a 3" coil, so if the 2" is too short for my liking i'll just install a spacer.

What i'm planning to do with the truck is nothing crazy, but basically i'm looking to be able to go over stuff a little faster. Most of the wheeling i do is expo style, so multiple day trips loaded down with gear. I do trails that require a bit of suspension articulation, so thats something i'd like my suspension to continue to be able to do. I had the deaver springs made to handle the extra weight, so that's already been accounted for. Now im looking for front springs to work well with the rear.

so, knowing what im doing with my rig, should i opt for the higher spring rate of 250 or keep it a little softer with 200? are there any other pros/cons to running a 250 over the 200? am i overthinking this?


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look at the extended length.

Will the 250 still be seated when you are fully extended, or do you need to go down to the 200 to still be seated? A firmer spring tends to be better, but always being sprung is better yet.