Parking Brakes delivering the Suck!


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I've finally found a weekend I like, changed the oil, started on the Parking Brake 1st. I stopped using the E-Brake a while back because if I applied it, it would stick on. Well, after getting the reasonably new rotor off, all I see is rust and burnt broken liner. I removed the shoes, springs, etc, I also pulled the actuator (it hooks onto the cable) and found it to be rusted solid. Took the hardware and did a good clean, but now I can't for the life of me, get that actuator back on the *&^%$&**(! cable.


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Did some forum surfing, and found out that the gable has a spring in it tk put tension on the cable.

I tore apart the other side and found much of the same corrosion happiness, and in addition, the cable was not connected.
After some persuasion I got the cable un-stuck from it’s retracted position - but there is no tension, pulled it out aways and pulled lightly on the handle - no movement.

So I surmise this:
The Pass side cable is broken at or after the Y connector under the rear seat.
That to reattach the adjuster once you have removed it, either the other assembly has to be complete or you hold the opposite cable out with a vice-grips to release the tension.

Sound right?


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Can't help you out there. I do need to do brakes on my XK in the next few weeks. When I dig in, I'll see what I can see on mine. I've never actually used my parking brake!


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I do sometimes as it takes the strain off the parking pawl if you set it 1st.
But if you haven't used it, don't start unless you make sure that adjuster isn't a pile of rust!

The ZJ brakes I put on the ex XJ had a nice design, but I'm lost on why they changed a working design.

In a few months will order new hardware and try again.

This poor thing has has a hard life. I changed the plugs and there was no electrode left. No wonder it idled rough.