Penrose/Liberty 5-15-10


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Ok. I know it’s a long read so if you don’t want to read, just look at pictures.

Friday after school I get home and pack the jeep, mean while my Dad is getting off of work and about to fall into a big mess of traffic which delays our departure time to 7pm. So we leave Westminster, have dinner at Crown Burger, and arrive at the air down area by the trail around 9:30pm. We see people trying to flash us down with flashlights, so we go to investigate.(This is when I think this trip started heading for the worse) It turns out, a group of four wheelers decided to run liberty right after the rain storm 2 hours previous. One of the guys had a linked YJ on tons and 42”s that had broke down and couldn’t move about halfway down liberty. With no way around the YJ the rest of the group turns around and heads back up. They made it to the entrance which was basically a big muddy hill. The now leader of the group was a XJ on Dana 60’s and 42”s, while trying to make it up the entrance he sheared the Rear pinion. At that point no one could get around him so they where all forced to wait out the now already dark night. That’s when we showed up, we tied the back of our Cherokee to a tree at the top of the entrance and winched the Jeep to the top. We then went on to winch out the last two in the group witch where also XJs on tons and 37”s. We where the Heroes! We went and hung out with them until 1-2Am when we passed out in the back of our jeep. The next morning we decided to Drop into Liberty to go rescue the YJ. We then went and meet up with Some Friends from Crane 4x4 and hung out with them while they did patriot and independence. Around 3pm it was time for all of us who didn’t want to do patriot to turn around and go back the way we came in. This was extremely hard because we had all the damage besides the driveshaft issue by this point. We navigated our way all the way to the Entrance with no steering and a nice and toasty clutch. When we got to the Entrance my Dad, Mr. Lead-foot, Took a little too aggressive attitude towards the hill and ended up bouncing repeatedly up the mountain until the sliders finally bounced and sent the back tires 2 feet into the air, as the tire came back to earth the Bolts that hold the straps to the yoke sheared and sent the u-joint caps flying. That was pretty much the end of our weekend so we decided to head home and start fixing the jeep in hope to have it ready for Moab by Thursday.

Here are the pictures and videos.

Please look in my wanted thread to help get us ready for Moab.


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Thanks for the report! Looks like you guys definitely had adventure, unfortunate you had some breakage but overall sounds like a good a time!

Now hurry up and put the heep back together for Moab!!!!