Pics from Friday on Slick Rock

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Click here for pics.

We had 4 XJs go out on Friday to tackle the infamous Slick Rock: Me, Mark Ayers, Kevin & Heather, and Andy with Woody ridin' shotgun. It had rained off and on all night before which of course made Slick Rock extremely slick indeed. Once we got on the mountain we were greeted by a stench that was not unlike that of a port-a-potty turned upside down. Turns out it was the smell of decaying leaves mixed in with the many standing mud/water holes. There was hardly anyone on the trails that day so we had Slick Rock to ourselves except for a horde of yellow jackets that flew in and out of our jeeps and around our heads as we tried to throttle our way up the rock faces.

Despite the challenges it was an excellent ride and a beautiful day. I got a nice long dent along my driver-side door and Andy knocked out his left tail light in the exact same spot. Andy also had an axle u-joint malfunction at the end of the day, which he fixed back at camp.

I'm sorry I had to skip out so early on Saturday morning and miss seein' the rest of ya'll that came in later.

I look forward to seeing the meeting minutes.



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you missed the best chapter meeting ever, catered meal, nude dancers, and the best live show i have ever seen. at least that is how i remember it.
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So was Mark A the nude dancer? I heard he had a reputation for dropping his trousers at offroad events. :laugh3: