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hey folks,

my mom told me she is thinking about buying a plasma cutter for my dad for christmas (heh heh heh... seems i may have to visit more often!). ;)

anyway, she was looking online and saw hobart, miller, etc. but wasn't sure what to get. i told her i'd inquire and get some real world insight, as obviously a salesperson will try to sell what they have...

so, any thoughts? i don't really know anything about them myself (yet). :wave: :dunce:

i'm sure she's not looking to spend a ton of money, as this would be used for hobby/art/sculpture-type stuff, but i don't want her to waste her money either and get something too cheap.

thanks in advance.

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I have this one, from this seller. 100% happy in every way. I have used it to cut 5/16 plate with a fairly clean edge. Cuts 3/16 or less like butter. Used it on steel, Stainless, Aluminum. Works great on all of them. I bought a seperate cleaner/dryer/regulator for my air supply. This unit comes with a regulator on it, but you do need a good dry air source.

This isn't top of the line, but worth every penny for making bumpers, skid, trailers, etc.


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Oh yeah....I've been running it on 110 voltage. If you change the plug it will work on 220 without any other changes. I've been told it cuts even better this way, but I never bothered to try it.


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Check with satan from ILJ or CO4x4 to see what he uses - he seems pretty satisfied with whatever it is.