Proposed Domestic Ivory sale ban


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From the NRA site:

Sounds pretty far reaching from Guns to Artwork.

You have to look though the transcripts a bit, but it seems to me that from the Fish and Wildlife's standpoint, the affect of Pres Obama's July Executive order is to eliminate the sale of any Ivory within the US.
Any Ivory not covered by the antiquities act would have to have paperwork indicating that it was harvested and imported legally. Hard to prove if you don't have the source paperwork.
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Make it illegal to possess or transfer any ivory "without paperwork".

Good one. There used to be a pretty large market for ivory products. Pistol stocks, sight inlays, watch decoration, all kinds of products,.. as well as the traditional art. We had a resident here for a while who had an ivory topped coffee table(covered in 1" x2" blocks about 3/8" thick). I imagine the gov. could probably confiscate a couple billion dollars worth of private property over the next few years with that little beauty.