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I wanted to start this post to publicly thank everyone that was involved with recovery, getting me down the mountain, and my physical care after my roll over on Thursday.

Brian and Heather, thanks for taking the time to assess my health when we got to camp, helping me pack up, insisting that I not drive home on Thursday, and for a bunk that night.

Glenn, thanks for getting me down the mountain safely.

Deanna, thanks for worrying and the hugs!

Patrick, thanks for taking the lead in getting the Jeep on it's feet and prepping the engine for the trip back down. I know there were a lot of hands helping in a very short time on the trail, and frankly my memory of those 40 minutes or so is a little I'm not sure exactly who did what...but I'm appreciative.

Lastly, thanks to Tim and Andy for taking over, unexpectedly, the coordination and running of the event after I decided it was best for me to return home on Friday. I'm sorry to have missed the remaining few days, but after being home for a day, I made the right decision.

I'm doing fine...just a little sore from getting tossed around. The Jeep is in a garage under cover and will sit there for a month or two while I get some time behind me and can make a decision on how to move forward with it.

As I look back over the event - and I have more than once - knowing that we had people on the trail with backgrounds in trauma and medical emergencies, and knowledge of safe recoveries, and mechanical aptitude...there is not another group of guys and gals that I'd rather spend time with on the trail. I'm grateful that I was able to walk away from that roll over and grateful that I had the people with me that I did.

Thank you...everyone that had a hand on me that day.


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Glad you were alright Dirk!
Was not expecting to see that right after we got to camp... But the jeep can be fixed/replaced, you cannot...

And I wasn't there when it happened, but I agree that this is an awesome group to have around; on the trail and at camp, in good and bad times...
I had a flop on the side of the waterfall... Although very graceful and slow, I was back on all 4 tires in just over a minute! (Thank you to those that helped me as well!)


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Helping you get off the mountain was nothing. Glad you are doing well. Put it behind you and make a plan. If you need anything do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are a NAXJA family as far as I'm concerned.