Quadradrive NP247 Question


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NAXJA Member
Anybody heard of these having problems like the NP249's (Quadratrac's in the ZJ's). Its a clutch pack in the 247 vs. a viscous coupling in the 249. I did a google and there didn't seem to be as many direct hits as for the ZJ 249.

And for that matter how bout the whole Quadradrive system with the limited slips in the axles too. Seems pretty solid. Any input is welcome.


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It has a progressive coupling instead of a viscous coupler. The main problem they have is with the progressive coupling, it can cause a shudder just like a traclock does without friction modifier. Still better than a viscous popping noise. The same for the vary lok diffs in the quadra drive. They get to sounding like a tracloc also.