Quick pricing question... wheels/acos/stuff

I've been away for so long I dont know how to price stuff.

I have (5) Silverstars 5.9L and 60th Anniversary wheels that are mounted to 265x75x16 BFG MTs. (4) are driveable but probably have around 20% tread left and the spare is less...

I also have a set of ACOS and finally some Teraflex 1.5" shackles...

Realistically what should I list them for. I tried to search and dont see any Silverstars for sale anymore like you used to.



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Also interested in acos if price is right, just started looking for them so not sure what a good price is lol.
That's my problem as well... I dont see any to price them by... As for use, they are a few years old but have only been adjusted (1) time and never touched again.

Think they are worth $200 shipped?

Shackles = $50 + the ride?

I'll check some other forums today to see if I can find any...