Raffle Tickets for SF2019 - we can do up to 10 sets of satellite tickets


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Im sure you have seen the raffle thread and have been reading about the great prizes and tickets are 2$ each flat rate.

We are willing to do satellite tickets for 8 members, that is you cannot make the event , but would like raffle tickets. You can then prepay and we will have our treasurer or I man them during the raffle. We will take pics of your starting and ending numbers prior to the raffle and everyone will know they are yours so you dont have to worry about it.

So far we have two members not attending that are buying some raffle tickets. Minimum is 20$.

So 6 more spots available.

So far Casey and Tommy have purchased tickets. Just letting you know in case you cannot make the event. Shipping will be on your dime if you win something that needs to be shipped, otherwise we can just bring your prizes to you assuming you win and live in Norcal .
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Thanks Jon, I wish I could make it again this year but baby and momma really should take precedence. We hope to make it next year with a 1 year old.