RE Drop bracket kit and arms + T&J track bar $400


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Included is the drop bracket kit and all hardware with non adjustable arms x4. Bushing and JJ on bottom, bushing up top. Also include the trusses. Also have a T&J Jeepspeed track bar, JJ up top and bushing axle side. Includes the frame mount. It mounts stock axle side.. You can have this kit installed in a day..

All this stuff works great and rides wonderful. Just removed from my heep today 4/4.. I went to the Dark (long arm) side..

No springs, shocks, backrubs or help with audits. If I have beer you might get one or two or three free with purchase. If a Kings hockey game is on I'm not available.

$400 for all or $350 kit and $100 TB

Have a bunch of misc items as well.. TC 231, front skid plate, headlights, new pinion parts for 8.25, new spicer ball joints up or low can't remember. Cross member auto trans. Smittybilt Fairlead 2810 new.

I am N.SD 805 and Balboa Ave.


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Dammmmmmit. I want this bad but it will be a couple weeks before I have the cash. Just had to pay rent.