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Alright guys enjoy this and make it work. I fought hard for this....

This forum is set up for LOCAL people who do not want to ship their items and have it picked up locally and such....

1. No CHIT-CHAT thats why we have the NAC board.

2. ONLY LOCAL (as in within the NAC area) NAXJA-sponsored vendors may advertise in this forum, but ONLY after approval of the NAC BOD.

3. No cross linking to items on other boards or E-bay and such. Can link from our f/s forum, but I think that would be
redundant. Remeber this is for LOCAL f/s, wtb and pick-up.
a. can link to pictures

4. Keep all extended deal-making and discussion to private-messages.

5. Please list a price and mark items as "sold" when they are gone.

6. This will be moderated by the NAC mods, any and all posts can be moved, deleted, edited and so on by the mods.

7. Bad-mouthing will not be tolerated. If you are not interested in purchasing the item, do not post in the thread!

8. Please add the state for which the sale is taking place.

9. No excessive "bumping". (This includes but is not limited to, TTT, back to the top, bump, etc type posts). Excessive use is the forum moderators discretion.

Rules/guidelines will be added as issues arise and are subject to change without notice.

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