Rear Seat Headrest Install for an OEM Look


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Hi everyone! This weekend I decided to take on the challenge of putting in rear seat headrests in my XJ! Basically you need the top 1/4 of the back seat of a ZJ which has the head rest brackets, mounting tube, and black plastic finishers. Tools wise, you need an angle grinder with grinder and cutoff wheel, pliers, vice or similar, two clamps of some kind, and a welder or a buddy that can weld.

Part of a ZJ rear seat.

You have to cut around all the tack welds holding in the bar

Grinding away

cut a little too deep on some parts of this one, second one I did a much better job. Make sure you grind away any left over tack weld so that it will lay flat.

Preparing the tac weld. Didnt fit the first time, you have to space the bar about 1in away from the lip on the seat pan. Also you will have to cut down some of the lip on the seat pan so that the plastic pieces can fit. Make sure you test fit that before you put it all together!

Welding action

Inserted the plastic pieces. Cut small slits in the fabric to where they need to line up, then insert the plastic pieces from the outside.

Now if your foam doesn't already have cut outs (mine did not) take a knife or a hot wire and cut out just enough foam so that it will fit properly in the seat pan.

Test fit was good!! Now I just have to weld in the other side!

That is the finished product! Looks oem!

Let me know if i forgot anything or if you have any questions!


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Wow! That's very nice work!. I would have lliked to do this, but I just cheated and put the whole Grand Cherokee back seat(s) in instead.

Love the way yours turned out though. So fresh. So clean.