Rear winch bumper with swingout and winch included.


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Gonna go a different route on the rebuild of the Teal Bitch in the back. With that being said, my rear set-up is for sale.

It will come with the winch, Viking synthetic winchline, and a wireless remote setup. The winch is the newer model Smittybilt 8000. Its only had 4-5 pulls on it.

The bumper ties into 6 of the hitch bolts as well as the stock bumper location. 14 bolts total hold this thing on. Its made out of 3/16 thick 2x6 tube. The Swingout is made out of 2x2 tubing, and works well. It has a custom made Jerry can holder (ill even throw in the Jerry can...), Highlift mount, and rear tag mount. You have to do a couple modifications to get it to fit. I had to trim a thin piece of steel below the hatch to allow room for the winch, and you will have to trim the bottoms of your quarter panels if you want to keep the side tubes on it. Or, you could just cut the side tubes off.

Im sure im leaving some stuff off... ask questions if you want. You can pick it up in Atlanta, or I can help you install it here at my shop. No shipping. Its just too big.

Asking $650.00, firm. That includes everything listed above. The winch with synthetic and wireless is worth more than half the asking price. Its a great deal for someone for a solidly built bumper.

It also includes a recessed receiver hitch, and two shackle points.

Here is the build thread for the bumper.

Here are some more pictures of the swingout area.



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Last few.

And here is the additional upper hinge I added to the exo cage. I made a delrin bushing in the lathe, and the rest is pretty much self explanatory...