Recommendations for a Lift Kit


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I am toying with the idea of lifting the Commander, and putting steel FR and Rear Bumpers on it.
The trails I'm thinking of are not 10s or Black Diamond, but your basic Colorado trail like Jenny Creek or Pickle Gulch.

There are spacer kits in the 2" range.
Then there is a Super Lift kit in the 4" range, but involves cutting the cross member and you can't use the OEM wheels.

What have you guys used, and what pitfalls did you encounter in the installation or actual use of the kit?



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Sorry, I had an issue posting :)

I found lift kits, a number of puck ones, and one made by superlift.
Instead of going huge, I think I'm going to go "old school XJ" and do a 2.25" Spacer lift by rocky-road outfitters.

The bumpers are eluding me. I see WAM makes them, but nothing in stock.
I suppose I could create my own, but I've gotten lazy in my old age.

A lot of links for Commander Off-Road parts are going dead, I guess I'm late for the party ;)


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Name of Sub-Forum I posted in: Jeep Commander (XK 2006-2010).
Unless I am mistaken, I don't think they changed a whole lot in 4 years :D

I'm looking at the OME kit, and the Rocky Road spacer kit. Huge price difference for springs/shocks/struts vs spacers :)

Update: No longer need the info:
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