Red Rock State Park: Closing Trails


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This is C&P from another group, but it affects all of us:

Got this from the CORVA FB page:

I just returned from Red Rock State Park GP review meeting and after looking over revised plan concept, no doubt we are losing off-road access! If you are a fan of Last Chance Canyon the trail will be closed at Cudahy Camp and Graduation Hill is off limits!!! Nightmare Gulch trail is listed as closed to 4X4 traffic.... I do not see any compromise with current existing 4X4 trails !!! a lot of current access is purposed to be closed.
*If you a member of CORVA Page you are a fan of Off-Roading and enjoy accessing our lands for adventure and fun.
*I am asking to send a email to address below to say that you enjoy off-roading and that you want Last Chance open all the way through Cudahy Camp and graduation hill, open Nightmare Gulch trail to 4X4 access.
*we need as many comments from the Off-Road community as we can provide.

*You can copy and paste this if you like

*After reviewing Red Rock GP revised plan concept, I request Last Chance trail open all the way through Cudahy Camp, graduation hill also open Nightmare Gulch trail to 4X4 access. the proposed concept is unacceptable for 4X4 access.
*Email: [](

Please send email...


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It looks like all the meetings to be held are already in the past, but they are still accepting comments.

Now is the last chance to speak up before they shut us out.


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For years I have taught The Varmints if it is fun it is either illegal or will be just as soon as those who know what's best for you discover you are enjoying it. Unless it is perverted. That they will eventually make mandatory.