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Because this event runs a little different then most, you will not need to pay up front. However you will need to register and sign a waiver before you can hit the trails.

Registration will be at the Ward Compound every morning between 7:00AM and 9:00AM.

You can pull as many cards as you wish from as many caches as you wish. Just remember you need to pay $20.00 for each hand you wish to play. You can do this as you turn your cards in.


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Loading up tonight, Mary leaves in the morning and I fly in Thursday night. Got a room at the Hampton Inn in Layton. Taking my near stock 00XJ as our Dad has taken over Mary's XJ as his own. See you Friday morning at the Ward Compound.


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Tom and I have made it to town. I was wondering will you have some maps or can you recommend where we might buy them.

See you tomorrow.



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Most of the larger grocery stores have a Utah atlas. I don't remember the brand, but mine has a map on it of Moab on the front with black bordering. The national geographic maps are better, but I don't think there is one for this area.