Reno driveline and not use.


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So I'm getting ready to do my sye and in the process I wanted to get my driveshaft rebuilt. Usually I use , and highly recommend ADCO driveline in Shingle springs, but due to my current circumstances I chose to use RENO driveline in sparks (1325 Glendale Blvd). First off I called two seperate time in the last 2 weeks and was quoted two different prices,$30 difference in the quotes, for the same request...New u joints and cv kit. Although I thought this was weird, and being a little impatient, I took my DS down there on my only day off and was quoted a third price. Although this was $10 more than I had paid at ADCO for the identical service, I agreed and left the part. The following day I sent my girlfriend to pick it up... She was.told it was going to be $45 more than I was quoted the when I dropped it off. I called them and ease told it was a "mistake" and charged still more than I was quoted. this their first u joint job?? I think they were taking advantage of my girlfriend and also think they don't know what they are doing. When I got my DS back from ADCO, $55 less than they charged my girlfriend, it was painted and they had balanced it as well. I hope xj owners in the reno area have a reputable shop then can use instead of Reno driverline.


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They built my current shafts (front, rear, and spare) and I got what I asked for at a good price. They have done work for me in the past also. I use them because I can physically go in and ask what I need and get a quote from a person and not over the phone. I think that is the issue. I'm not saying their work is any better or worse, but its a matter of location. Ask for the quote to be put in writing so there is no confusion about who said what. They paint and balance my shafts. Don't know why they didn't in your case.