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repair shop/ auto shop owners? I had some one that had allstate hit the back of titan that hit my f250. Long story short they only want to pay $120 to replace the bumper pads when the bumper is a inch off. They didn't even come out to look at it witch means my wife had to take the truck to them. So figure $20 bucks in diesel plus her time and mine ( had to spend 2 hours on the phone trying to explain how we both work and don't have time to take the truck to them) anyways how do they get away with this? I thought they would pay for my bumper then I could replace it my self. I guess the only way to get a new bumper is to have a shop look at it.

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Don't settle. Tell them you want a new bumper and you want travel expenses. They can't close the claim until you accept and sign off on it. Talk to the adjuster.


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Any body shops near you? I would take it there and have them give you a quote.

and since they couldn't even be bothered to come out and look at the damage, tell the shops to quote "the works." I'd expect travel time and expense, a rental during repair, and cost of replacement for that which is damaged.

Sign nothing until it is repaired and you are re-payed.