ROM 2011 registration....


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OK Ok I know I am late doing this but we just finally got a few last things worked out like the shirts and our raffle stuff. We are trying to keep it simple this year so we can all have some fun in a no stress family environment.

We are doing a registration of
$20.00 this year. This includes a t-shirt and sticker for the event.
$2.00 for each raffle ticket

registration is payable through pay-pal to Just write ROM 2011 and your screen name and real name in the pay-pal comment box. This registration is in addition to the regular park fees. Anyone wanting to partake in the raffle must be registered for this event. NO exceptions.......sorry

note on the raffle...
trust me on this when I say we have stuff this year that is well worth the 2.00 ticket. We( the BOD) will not tell you what they are so please do not ask. Register and come to the ride and find out. The raffle will be held Saturday evening and you must be
there to win. Must be registered for the event to be eligible to buy raffle tickets. No exceptions...sorry

note on the shirts..... so we do not have alot of extra shirts we ordered 20 of them all in adult XL(I apologize now to the people on either side of that size but XL seams to be the safe bet for most these days). We will be doing another shirt order for those needing other sizes but that will be AT ROM, and separate from the registration. But we have to have a minimum order of 20 shirts to do so.
We will also have last years shirts with us as well if you want to purchase one(or more :)) of them.

Thank you
Jay Furness
"RRC Treasurer"


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Well so far only 4 we are going to have alot of repeat raffle winners.....Come on y'all atleast tell me if you are going and are registering there with me...