RoM 2013 has a slight change.....PLEASE READ


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Well we all made a booboo. We have gotten a few texts that made us aware of something..... The 31'st of March is Easter. How we missed that I couldn't tell yah.

So to fix it we voted to move the event to one weekend back. So it will be the 22-23-24 of March. We are sorry to those that started making plans and we messed them up on yah. We feel after the texts we have gotten that we will have a better turn out as a group if we do not have it on a holiday that most like to be with family on. We hope that all that where trying to go can still arrange it and those that might have been up in the air are able to commit now.

Thank you

Exxon Valdez Jeep

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My front ds with the NV3550 was the same length as my spare with an AW4 trans. So I'd double check that length. Dunno about the rear, the MJ is a bit longer there.