ROM 2015 stats


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I need to know, our rig/participant count for ROM. As well as how much we raised for land use donations, and our expenditures for the event. I understand i was out of the loop for this, but national needs the info. Either i need to know or Cottontail. yes I know it says Colorado, but i'm told it s for all of NAXJA. So why shouldn't we show we do stuff too.


I'm headed to Las Vegas on Sunday to represent NAXJA at the North American Motorized Recreation Council Meeting. I'm preparing a presentation on NAXJAs land use and events for the meeting. I haven't been able to compile the necessary information for Colorado yet. Anyone in the BOD have these answers for me?

-Name, location of, estimated total participation, and total rig count from your 2015 sanctioned event
-the total amount (including the national match) that the chapter paid out in land use along with the location where that money was donated/spent.
-any trail maintenance or clean up days that your chapter was involved in

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I responded to his pm, but I thought it was 5-6 rigs. No money spend on land use. Expenditures were the shirts and camping.