ROM is coming up again


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yeah i should be able to meet him in the DFW area to drop off the swag. i wont be making it this go around. which sucks


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So the budget

Food 47.23 (receipt says 63.23 took off $15 for the.unopened food I brought home)
Shirts 146.08+44.99 and we have 2 xl's left over.
So I spent $238.30.
Looks like we got $226.91 payed into PayPal. I think the difference is the 2 extra shirts.
There is $20 in PayPal from me for my raffle tickets. How much did you end up with Ed? Did you incur any club costs Ed? Group camp supplies ect?


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Ed you should see the two mediums by april 5th. Just send one to Panama red and like I said take the postage from the raffle money


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We ended up with $91 from the event. No club costs.

Ian, were you able to get any of the information we needed to open the account at Wells Fargo?

If we have the info we need, then I'll put the $91 towards opening the account. If not, I'll just drop it into our PayPal.