Running 2N49 right now


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NAXJA Member
2017 04 15 1142
Mom wants the boys out of the house so we are going up 2N49 from Palm for about 2 hours. Picking up trash but there are big pieces (mattress, bumper, etc) that I can't get.

#need a pickup.

714 865 0210


Yes, it's MY Jeep =)
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Nope. Because taxes. Which won't all be done in time; I do them for 6 people, a small business, and two trusts. I am currently focused on the ones that will owe money and need to file timely. Oh, wait, no, I'm on NAXJA. Whoops, I guess my break is over, back to the grind!:rattle::geek::paperwork Wait, can someone update this :geek: Smilie to an LED monitor, please? I just had flashbacks...