Running out of steam


So I feel like our term is getting close to an end and I think we need to get together and determine what are plans are for the rest of the year. What we want to do with the money in our accounts and if we are going to do anymore get togethers or trail rides. I know with the job change that I have had, the new baby and trying to still work on my yard my motivation levels to do anything with the Jeep are at an all time low. Part of it might be that the Jeep sits in the garage and I never drive it and I have no money to do anything.

What are your guys feelings?


New member
I am feeling burnt out and broke myself.

a plan for the yest of the year sounds good.
I know you want another run because you will not be able to go to moab for fall fling. I hope to go but it is not set yet.

We should shoot for early Dec. for a Christmas outing. I like Ryan's breakfast and run idea.