SFWDA Summer run - Windrock


Three-De Off-Road
NAXJA Member
The SFWDA is doing their summer run at Windrock on June 10.

They are doing a brief meeting from about 9 - 9:30 for all participants, then splitting into trail groups around 9:30 to be on the trails by 10. Runs will be guided and will be off the trails between 4 and 5 pm.

At the last event, they did bring a number of SFWDA t-shirts to give away and they provided breakfast - and I'm assuming they'll do that on this one also.

Remember, Windrock is in the Eastern Time Zone, so anyone coming over from Middle Tennessee should keep that in mind.

If all goes as planned with the National BOD vote for the SEC Land Use, I will be presenting a check to the SFWDA to help with their current land use educational video series.

Hope to see you all there. Anyone that is coming - if you need SEC stickers, t-shirts, or hoodies, let me know and I can bring them. $5 for stickers, $18 for shirts, $33 for hoodies.