Sierra Fest 2019 Itinerary !


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Mon Aug 5th
Start Rubicon trail at 9:30am Some will stay at Buck, some will go straight to springs
Highly reccomended to get to the trailhead and camp Sunday night

Tuesday Aug 6th:
everyone else gets to Springs , taco tuesday at springs. some ladder golf, some fun in the water

Weds Aug 7th:
leave springs at 8am. get to tahoe, some will stay the night here, some will head to hermit, some will head to reno to grab tow rigs and supplies. I am heading to the Grover hot springs on the way to Hermit after doing laundry and restocking in Tahoe

Thurs Aug 8th:
If you are already at Hermit, open day do what you want go wheel something close or go to the lake
Others will hit strawberry from Tahoe on Thursday. We still need a trail leader for this run

Thurs Aug 8th Night:
Night Run on Deer Valley

Fri Aug 9th:
Run DV , line up for the trail at 9am, some might also go to the hot springs or might go run Boards crossing instead
Optional night run up DV or SR

Saturday Aug 10th:
Slick Rock run , leave camp by 9am.
BBQ and raffle at camp after the run !

Sun day:
Go Home, stop in arnold for breakfast or lunch if you want
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Bump - also dont forget to check your min reqs and torque all your bolts, grease all your joints, and bring some parts and tools.


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Just looked at all the pics and super bummed I had to miss it this year! I just returned from a 2mos/10K mile road trip a few days earlier and was in no condition to load up the trailer and make the drive up for another week. Definitely looking forward to next year :)


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I'm sure you had a great trip Art, feel free to post some photos as well! I'd be interested to see your journey up north!