Skids and stuff

Rob D

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I have a few take off items for sale.
The first is a Skid Row transfer case skid that I ran for about 2 months. I installed it just prior to this years SeirraFest and took it back off right afterwards. Now I have a TnT belly pan so don't need this. As you can see in the pic's, it still looks new. Mounting hardware still looks new as well. Asking $80 obo.

The next is a Dana 30 Hi Pinion Front Differential Glider from Rock-It. As you can see it has been used and has made contact with a rock or two. It is still straight though. All mounting hardware included. Asking $40 obo.

Also have a set of upper and lower control arms and bracketry/hardware from a Full-Traction long arm lift kit. It comes with two sets of joints for the lower arms, the original heims and a set of Currie Johnny Joints. I got the Curries because they have more thread length and I had pushed my axle forward more than the originals could reach. Both sets are tight though. The lca's have joints on both ends. The down side is one of the uca's have a worn joint and the holes on the axle end have been drilled out to fit a larger bolt than stock (about 12mm). I had to do this to use the bolts supplied with my TnT truss I put in last year. I also have one of the 9/16"x10" bolts for the uca mount that's new since I had to cut the passenger side to get clearance from the exhaust pipe. Asking $160 obo. Also, I can throw in the Full-Traction adjustable track bar that came with it for an additional $20. It has a loose heim on the axle end, but it's not totally gone. The bracket for it is still on my frame though.

Also, free to a good home, I have a stock transmission crossmember and skid plate for a automatic with a 242 transfer case.


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Thank Rob. Ill post pics once we get this thing setup on my buddies rig- but that might be a few months out, January at the earliest.