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NAXJA Member
Parts I have laying around that I no longer have a use for.

Iron Rock sliders. Scratched paint and I don't have the mounting hardware. If you call IRO and have them bring the hardware, I will take it off. $150-price of hardware.

Zj solid tie rod complete with adjuster and new short end. $50

Rugged Ridge front tow hooks. One is slightly bent(hammer?). I have the carriage bolts but not the spring clips. $50

New set of 4 ball joints. $25

Track bar mount. Not sure of brand or even where it came from. Pitcher of beer at Robies-Sold

New fan shroud used for mock up. A drink at the VFW-Sold

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I'll take the track bar mount. I wont be at robbies but I can bring you some beer for another time.