special give away

Fore Wheeler

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We are doing a special give away of a go pro that was purchased by the MWC BOD.


One ticket per paid member. (nonpaying wives will not get a ticket)

Pre register only.

Must be present at the banquet to win.

...what else?

I will pick up some gold tickets for this.

Should we come up with a dorky name, like the golden give away?


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I woud say Yes as well. I was BOD when I won the winch...but was partly drunk and gave it back to the raffle so it would not look fishy...wish now I would have kept it. You should have a catchy name for the raffle..like the "You dont suck b/c you are a paid member and could probably put your own rear hitch on" raffle

Fore Wheeler

Past MWC President
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I was just on the bod when I won the other winch give away. :/

We are members just like the other members. It can't, nor would it be, fixed.


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We changed the rules so that the national BOD could win the giveawayXJ.

I don't see a problem with allowing the BOD to be able to win.

Just have all the tickets in something that a little kid can draw the winner out of.

If someone complains we can let them inspect what they want to inspect, we have nothing to hide.

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