Speedo Gears For Sale


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I have a Mopar 34 tooth short shaft speedo pinion gear:

29" with 3.55
30" with 3.73
34" with 4.10
38" with 4.56
40" with 4.88

And a Mopar 29 tooth short shaft speedo pinion gear:

I don't recall which chart I referenced, but I bought this for my 33" BFG MT KM1's on stock 3.55 gears and it was dead on.

29" with 3.07
34" with 3.55
35" with 3.73

Tire/gear pairings are from gojeeps' chart. $30 each shipped.


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Cleaning out the garage and just found these too. Forgot I still had them. $25 shipped for either one. The 29 tooth was PERFECT for my 33" BFG MT's when I was still using my stock 3.55 gearing.