Spring Creek, 5-26-19


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I'll work on a report and uploads tonight.

One thing I do want to bring up is that I brought home a hitchhiker, a wood tick. I looked at the poor little bugger trying to nestle under my skin and thought: "Oh yeah, it is that time of year."


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There were 4 vehicles from our chapter in attendance:
Team TT2GD and Unlimited Matt drove the Toyota that was subsequently dubbed "The White Whale."
Team Dutch.

On the trail, we met up with Tanner from T & T Customs.

Since this was my first trip to Spring Creek, I don't know how far we actually went. I did get to use my winch! I slid one tire off the downhill side of the trail, and got stuck further up. I managed to find a lot of rocks under the snow: Hit one and feel the tires slide, good times!

Airing down:

The "White Whale," just before body damage:

The one of videos I took, hopefully others will add theirs:

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