Steel Front Skid

Have it up for sale since it is no longer feasable with my size lift.
50 bucks is what I paid, 50 bux is what I ask for it.
I WILL NOT SHIP since that would cost WAY to much $$$ and I dont have the time.
I might be able to bring to phoenix in a few weeks as I drive through again, but we will see what happens.


Here is a pic of it for ya.
Wld like to see this gone and I kinda need the $$ so I can replace my rear axle on my DD which has a spun pinion bearing.



New member
How much of a PITA are these when you need to do some work? I've considered one a few times but wonder about the hassle.
for basic adjustments, not to bad, but I was having problems with DW and stuff and overheating so it was just to much of a pita to work around since I was under there all the time.
It was great to keep the water off the alt though. So, in a nutshell, if your rig is basically good to go except minor adjustments, then you would be fine,.