Sticky BFG Krawlers 39” Red Label Comps 40


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Set of 4, 39x13.50R17, about 75% tread on 3, one only wheeled 1200 mi has 85% tread still. I use it at right rear to equal out wear. These are performance perfect, nicely softened & pliable. At this point of wear there is not a better tire existing for the rocks. None ever patched, plugged or leaked, no chunks or cuts. 16 to 18/32 on center lugs. Normal as with all stickys, side wall sticky compound junction cracking but nothing chips off. Best rock tire there is. $1600 firm. Pick up in Carson City, NV or I will ship on your dime, you hunt best price from 89423, 77 pounds each. I've heard $51/ shipped to TX. Email-

above are of the one with 85% tread left, below are of the 3 with 75%.