Strobe Light


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I'm looking for a strobe light tachometer that works and won't break the bank. I don't use it often, but I hate to buy junk.

My 35 year old Sun finally died and I've been trying to get by with an even older mechanical tach. Sticking that mechanical tach in among the belts and other moving parts is going to cost me sooner or later.

I'm shopping but really have no idea what is what and how reliable it will be. Price isn't always an indication of quality.


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I don't think he is talking about a timing light. A strobe tach is different.

These guys tend to make pretty good stuff.
That's what I'm talking about. I've seen them priced from around $16 through around $250 all the way up to around $500.

I don't want to get one that is going to crap out in week, but don't want to spend a bundle on something I may use three times a year.

I've collected some drive pulleys for the Denso alternator and the water pump and want to try and over drive them a little and still keep the stock belt. Also occasionally check out my fan clutch. I'm trying to figure out if I can get about a 15% overdrive on one or the other or both and still keep the stock belt. A spring project I collecting pieces for.

The old Sun strobe I had was really nice, about the size of a old school hand lantern, but had a detachable 3" light on a pig tail cable. LEDs and modern electronics probably make them easier to produce, more accurate and a lot smaller.

If I had an Iphone they even have a strobe app.