Stud part # for Rear Disc Conversion


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I am going to be going to the junk yard on Friday to pick up parts for my rear disc conversion using Grand Cherokee parts. Going through the How-To's they say to pick up longer wheel studs.

I guess I have two questions. What Knurl Diameter is needed for the C8.25" or what part # is needed?

Most all the How-To's say to just get them at the part store. are Dorman 610-368 wheel studs needed?

Looks like OEM rear Drums are:
Dorman AutoGrade - Wheel Lug Stud
Line: DOR | Part # 610-364
Thread Size: 1/2-20 Inch
Knurl Diameter (In): 0.618 Inch

Length (In): 1-15/32 Inch
Shoulder Length (In): 0.484 Inch
Head Code: 364


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I bought 3" long ones from Jegs/Summit(I scoured all the ones available in the back of Advance). There wasn't anything between stock length and extra long with that knurl diameter. I might still have the package at home.

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Looks like Dorman 610-234 are 1- 5/8" long and was identified on another thread.

There is a 1993-96 Cherokee that came with rear disc brakes and this is the length they use. (police versions?) The Grand Cherokee also uses this length.


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Just bang em out of the grand. Are you sure it's the wheel studs and not the backing plate studs? Not sure why wheel studs would change.

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Just bang em out of the grand. Are you sure it's the wheel studs and not the backing plate studs? Not sure why wheel studs would change.
The disc brake axles typicelly use longer studs.
Have the parts store look up studs for a grand or KJ like others have said.


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Yea lug studs. the backing plate and then with the disc it has be suggested that longer lug studs are used to get the same amount of thread engagement.

The backing plate studs get punched out and then grade 8 hardware (bolts, nuts, washers) are used.


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I did the swap and never changed my lug studs. I also have aluminum wheels so there wasn't who lot of thread but I had enough where I felt comfortable. Use a torque wrench for equal torque. Never had one loosen up. If you have steel wheels I imagine you would have even more thread engagement.

Just thought it was worth mentioning incase you are in a hurry to get the project finished and don't have time to order wheel studs.


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Thanks. Not in a hurry. On the way to the junk yard in an hour or so. Going to be occupied for NA few weeks so will get to it middle of May. Ordering some stuff as new (rotors, pads, shoes, ebrake hardware, ebrake cable...) so will just have that on the order also.

I have MT side bitter alum wheels. I think they are a bit thicker than stock so might have more of a problem.