SYE install questions


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I've been looking for a decent video that shows the most details for removing Trans case, installing SYE, and replacing Trans case, but haven't found much.

Never done anything with Trans case before, so I'm trying to avoid the unexpected and want to have everything I need before I get started.

Can someone help?

1. Is there a good video or other link that describes it all?

2. I read about a stubby 9/16 wrench for top bolts, but what else should I have on hand?

3. Seems like I might lose some fluid during the SYE install? If so, what type should I buy to replace? How will I know how much to put in? Where do I fill it?

4. I bought a mega short SYE from Iron Rock Offroad with my 6.5in lift. Anything different for a mega short vs regular SYE?

5. IRO Trans case cross member has a built in Trans drop. Should I drop the Trans an inch when reinstalling Trans case or not since I have SYE? I don't think clearance will be an issue for me, but not sure if dropping it will further help my drive shaft angles or be a waste of time.

6. Any need to look at front driveshaft? All the focus seems to be on the rear only? My front driveshaft angle looks a little tough too?

7. When I get the Trans case out and open it, is there anything I need to look for or be careful with or anything else good to do or not do?

Basically, I'm trying to study the process ahead of time so I can do it right and avoid too many goofs or delays having to run down tools and/or rework things. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I got the transfer case out tonight. I have an IRO 6.5 inch long arm lift and the cross member is a 3-pc deal where the middle section is easy to drop away. I used a floor jack to raise and lower the t-case and a jackstand with a board to rest under the transmission pan. I disconnected the exhaust hanger on the t-case mount and near the rear shock mount and at the tail pipe. This allowed the transfer case to sag far enough to get a full size 9/16 wrench to all the bolts.

My 2001 XJ was well maintained before I bought it so the bolts came loose easy. Can't imagine what that's like for a regular mudder, especially at those angles. T-case pulled right out once I got the last hidden nut off. It's sitting on the work bench until tomorrow. Installing a mega short SYE and then it's driveshaft time. Hopefully I'll be on the road in a week. I travel all week for work so this is taking longer than I'd like.