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Here are my notes from Taco Tuesday

Probably did not need pinto beans at all, let alone 10 cans. Lets do no pinto beans next year

probably dont bother making a cabbage slaw

had 200 corn tortillas and 20 flour, next year do 50 corn, 50 flour

Did not need the big cans of carrots or tortillas

Did not need radishes

Could probably leave out Cotija cheese, or just do one Cotija, and more Cheddar cheese, only had one 8oz bag of cheddar for the kids

Had roughly 9lbs of meat, could have used about 14-18lbs pounds, roughly 23 people I think ?

tofu was good for skipper, little kid from socal would have eaten tofu too had she known

we had a ton of bags of tortilla chips, next year do 3 bags for 23 people instead of like 10 for 35 people

Making pico de gallo on the spot was time consuming , next year buy pre made or dont bother

Had 5 jars of salsa, needed about 1

dont bother making chipotle crema ,

one bottle of hot sauce seemed fine

Too many tomatoes and onions

4 bunches of cilantro was about right, but almost not enough

conclusion for next year:
less tortillas(but more flour) , less chips, no pork rinds, no beans, no cans of jalapeños or carrots, less salsa, buy pre made pico or none at all, more regular cheese like cheddar or monkery jack, less cotija and more meat per person. Less tomato and onion, no radishes

Would have saved tons of room when packing
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