Tearing out the exhaust and starting over.


Well my Jeep seems to have world worst luck with exhaust, I had a thrush turbo with a turndown after the muffler on it for a few monthes that I welded up myself, the jeep threw it off 3 times and I lost it in the woods (no joke, couldn't even find it), before I decided to go with a flowmaster and have it installed by a real mechanic with a real tailpipe.

Well let me tell you, a cob job the likes of which had never been seen with that exhaust install, I thought it was fishy him only charging 50 bucks. There were no welds, all clamps, he mounted the tailpipe too far back so the axle hit its when the suspension compresses, he took both the heat shields off and now the exhaust being mounted so close to the gas tank is melting a hole through the plastic gas tank cover. And also he put a spacer on it to compensate for the shorter muffler, well I dont know what kind of steel he used, but 2 months later it already rusted through and I have an exhaust leak. And to add to all of this two of my exhaust hangers were so rusty they snapped the other day making my muffler and cat hang up on the crossmember and rattle like crazy.

Considering the whole thing at this point is just such a huge mess im going to take the entire thing off, manifold and all. Im thinking a stainless steel rugged ridge header, high flow cat and a new tailpipe, and ill re-use the Flowmaster 40 I have on it now and ill fab up some heavier duty exhaust hangers and see if I cant put a few more on for good measure, and im doing all the labor myself, first and last time I trust a mechanic with my Jeep.

Anyone have any tips on parts they have used that work well with relation to exhausts or is there some sort of a kit deal I can get for an OK price? Im not trying to be super cheap but I cant spend more than 5-600 dollars on the project, so just wondering what you guys think is a good deal and holds up and works well. I dont really care about stainless parts so much, im thik im going to coat everything in high heat paint before it goes in.

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I just redo my XJ's exhaust system nearly entirely with good luck so far

-$20 tailpipe from Autozone
-$175 APN header/manifold (stainlessteel and are better design for flow and prevent cracks)
-$0 muffler (free, came with jeep as new)
-$8 in pipes

I replaced the SEVERELY cracked header with the new one then I got the oxygen sensor replaced then I get the tailpipe in with new muffler and have the pipe to run from the muffler to the downpipe then thats it.

You can buy many different kinds of hangers at auto parts store and find which's best to use and return what you didnt use.

FYI using clamps are perfectly fine, nothing wrong about that. It even allow you to be able to take the system apart if necessary without cutting anything.

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Yea many shops use clamps all the time, since if you have the tools, it can all be detached and reattached easily.


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Yea many shops use clamps all the time, since if you have the tools, it can all be detached and reattached easily.
in my opinion stay away from bandclamps though because they dont "clamp" as well as the typical Uclamps. some catback kits like magnaflow's come with one, and i swapped it out after a few days for the regular Uclamp.

to the OP, dynomax runs deals quite often on their catback systems, for really cheap too. IIRC i got mine a few months ago for definately under $100 shipped to my door. then theres always the option of selling that included dynomax muffler and using yours like you said