Thank you all for a great week. Comments and suggestions.


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Just a brief thank you to everyone who helped make this such a great event.

- ALL PARTICIPANTS. Without you guys and gals showing up there would be no event. Thank you to everyone who made the long trip out to Colorado. I think the longest distance travelled goes to the Loose family from WI but special mention to our fellow XJ'ers from KS, OK, AZ, SD, MN and TX. I also appreciate a healthy showing from the CO guys.

- TRAIL LEADERS. Many thanks to everyone who helped out with trail leading and tail gunner duty. without you guys I would really have been stressed. Bones, Tom H, Led, Troy - thank you guys very much for leading the trails.

- Led. Thanks for dealing with the camping fees for the weekend. It really helped me out so I could head home and "work" this weekend.

- Tom H. Many thanks for being my sounding board for the whole adventure. Thanks also for heading up the Ouray operation after my trailer went south the day the event started. You are a great leader of the CO XJ'ers and I appreaciate the effort you put into making the whole week a success.

- Chalk Creek campground. I thought this camp site was a huge improvement over our previous BV/Nathrop site, and heard good things from participants regarding the bathroom facilities and the camp site.

- The weather committee. I thought our designated weather committee did an excellent job of organizing great CO weather for the week. CO is greener in August than I have seen in the last 5 or so years, the heat was manageable, and the rain showers brief and refreshing. Please address any complaints regarding weather to your respective higher power.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up. I prefer to keep the organization a little "loose" so we can adapt to our XJ'ers demands. Thanks to everyone who was flexible regarding the trails run.

Apologies to the group that ran Holy Cross for the 30 mile detour to the trailhead. I missed the turn to Minturn and ended up driving almost to Copper Mtn before realizing I was wrong - even worse, this is the second time in 4 years I have made the same mistake. Sorry guys, hope you enjoyed the scenery.

As with any event there are always improvements that can be made. Please post any comments, suggestions, critiques you may have so we can try to do a better job in 2005.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. Look forward to wheeling with you again.



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I third that,although I was surprised when you showed up in your Disco at the top of Grizzly with no damage-JK.Had a really good time and I agree the campground was really impressive,I'd stay there again without hesitation.Thanks to you and everyone else involved with the organizing and logistics of all this I'm sure it was no small task.


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Had a GREAT time with some really nice people - heck, let's do it again :clap: party1: :wave: