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Well was blown away when I got down to AL and see the trash along the roads. But even more surprised on the local trails to find massive amounts of trash just dumped along the trails. Made me think of the trail clean ups we do up here and how much it has an impact on things. I've been astounded the last two years I been out since learning of the Annual event, with how much trash & tires the volunteers collect each year. And I can only image of how it would just continue to stock pile if the Two Trackers discontinue the ever growing event.
But I can image as I take pictures of stock piles of tires, shattered windows, furniture, kids toys, household trash, beer cans, soda bottles, shingles and etc. It was a reality check for me on the importance of the "Pack out what you pack in rule", the reality of the responsibility we all have and in take care of mother nature and also in stride to the fight to keeping the trails open for
4x4's to ride, people to walk and enjoy, horseback riders a place to go as well to enjoy such a beautiful place in nature. So let's keep our trails and land from looking like the following pictures:


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So I just wanted to give thanks to those who are loyal to the fight of keeping our trails open and are environment clean and are willing to volunteer there time to clean up after those who just dump trash out on the trails with no regards or respect for the earth or anyone for that matter, as it is people like that that give 4x4's a bad rap and that's exactly what fighting against.
Also I would encourage everyone to be willing to donate some time and
self-effort to help in maintain our trail systems for all to enjoy and as well in the time of being "Green" to do your part and help spread the word to others and ask for their help as well.
Here are some links for those who are leading us in this fight...


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WOHVA puts on two cleanup/ trail maintance events each year on the Pipeline Trail in the Nicolet National Forest. With continued support from the NFS, the trail is starting to clean up, and the efffects of errosion are kept to a minimum. Efforts like these help the NFS, at least on the local level, realize that we are not the enemy.

It is important to note that with the Travel Management Plan now firmly in place in most Forests, the only way you will get a new trail is with the support of your local Rangers.
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